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The benefits of owning a home over renting offer buyers several tax advantages, the flexibility to grow equity, and after all an home to call your own. And, the present realty and mortgage market conditions have created the right opportunity to transition from writing a monthly rent check to investing in your own residence.

Check out these ten benefits of owning a home.

1. Rents increase always

The cost of rent has increased at a fast rate throughout the country. This trend is barely expected to continue. In fact, research from the Urban Institute shows rent in many markets has grown much faster than median incomes. The high cost of rent means paying a monthly mortgage is commonly adored or perhaps cheaper than renting a home.

2. Interest rates are historically low

The argument for getting rather than renting only gets stronger with the low-interest rates that are currently available. What could seem sort of a slight difference in your mortgage rate can make an enormous difference in your monthly payment. Interest rates are still competitively low. So, now’s an excellent time to get a home and interest of low rates. When comparing the advantages of owning vs. renting, you’ll find that a lot of of the present rental rates are more than a mortgage payment.

3. Down payments is as little as zero rupee

Sound too good to be true? it isn’t. There are loan programs and government assistance programs that may get qualified home buyers into a home with a zero down payment. Now, that doesn’t necessarily include closing costs, so keep that in mind. Programs vary by lender and borrowers must meet certain requirements.

4. Gain equity as property values still rise

Home values have risen and are expected to continue rising within the future, making homeownership a profitable long-term investment. Within the past year alone, home prices have risen 13.2%. Why does this matter? Because increasing property values mean that the cash you spend on your home will provide significant returns within the future. And, whenever you create a mortgage payment, a little of that payment pays your loan down every month, providing you with more equity within the home.

5. Herald extra income by renting an area

Being a home-owner means you have got a chance to earn extra income by renting out a space. As a home-owner, everything is totally up to you — what proportion you charge, how often you’ve got someone renting from you, etc. there is no landlord to ask permission from or roommate that needs convincing.

6. Tax deductions

Being a home-owner doesn’t must be just a long-term aspiration. Enjoy short-term savings via annual tax write-offs and mortgage interest payment deductions, together with other deductions reckoning on each individual’s situation. These deductions often amount to significant savings, and that they are after all not available to renters.

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