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Why NRI should Invest in Plots in India

Why NRI should Invest in Plots in India

Investing in land or any other form of real estate has eternally been a wide investment alternative in India. According to a report generated by Statista, the real estate sector had witnessed a 30 to 40 percent hike in the hunt for plots and domestic property in India compared to the numbers of the time when the country was going through the Covid epidemic.

The main reason behind this increased demand for investment in plots is because this is the kind of investment that originally requires a small quantum and also provides you with massive returns on your investment later in life if invested in the prime area at the right time.

Benefits of investing in plots in India

Real estate is the only sector in India that revived itself in no time while COVID was going back & forth. It’s further awaiting some great attractions in the time 2021 in terms of property purchase and investment . TThe union budget for the year 2021 further announced a tax exemption of Rs 1.5 lakhs under section 80-IBA of the Income Tax Act for all the people who wish to build a home on their self-owned plots. According to the property experts, Sitaara Homes,Hyderabad is regarded as perfect for investing in India’s plots. Still, before investing in plots here you must estimate all the essential factors that include the cost of the plot, the appreciation quantum of the plot value, position of the plot, along with duly assessing your income.

Higher Flexibility

Investing in plots in India can give you advanced inflexibility in terms of building your home. However, also investing in plots can be the most suitable option, If you don’t want your home to be ordinary and don’t wish to buy ready move-in houses. Investing in plots can give you the benefit of planning your home as per your requirements and specifications in a quested budget. In addition to this, it has now come extremely easy for you to make a new home on your plot as the government is giving a duty impunity to all those people who take a loan for building their home and farther granting them a deduction on loan interest as well under section 80EEA of the Income Tax Act.

Advanced Return on Investment

Another benefit of investing in plots in India is an advanced return on your investments. However, it’s sure to give you value uplift in no time, If you invest in a plot positioned in a prime location at the right time.

Lower Maintenance Cost

If you plan to invest in a house or an apartment, you will have to pay hefty amounts for its maintenance, which can become an additional financial burden. However, if you invest your money in purchasing a plot, you can curtail many maintenance expenses. Lower Rate of Investments

Another benefit of investing in plots is that you’ll always be needed to invest a lower quantum than investing in a domestic apartment or ready move-in houses.

To Conculde

While it’s the most economical time to invest your quantum in plots across India, especially in Hyderabad, Moinabad you must always insure that you buy plots from a dependable real estate agent. If you are looking for a leading real estate company that can assist you with plot investments, you must always rely on Sitaara Lifestyle Homes.

Real Estate developers in Hyderabad

Significance of Buying a Home in a Comfortable Location

Location is taken into account the foremost important factor when buying ahome. But an honest location can signify different perceptions from person to person. However, there are objective factors that determine a home’s value. With the market, still competitive, the move to remote working becoming an increasingly important factor, the priorities of the many households have evolved even since now last year. Here are some reasons to contemplate location as a vital factor when buying a home.

– Neighbourhood 

A home should ensure maximum comfort for you and your family. But again,  it’s a matter of private choice. Needless to mention, the neighborhood you  decide on should be a secure place that’s clean and healthy. The common  factors at everyone’s preference are reachability, connectivity and amenities.

– Ensuring Safety 

Most people are searching for security and expecting to feel safe within  the immediate environment. Most residents say they feel safe in their  neighborhood and must not worry about security in their daily lives. They  appear to suppress the likelihood of breaking into their own residence since  the premises are constantly monitored. So nowadays people like better  to stay in gated communities in order that they will enjoy the advantages of 24  hours security and CCTV surveillance, which can keep them happy and feel  secure.

– Convenience 

An area that’s undergoing tremendous development in terms of infrastructure and amenities will increase the worth of a home in the the long term. The  realm ensuring close proximity to daily needs like shopping malls, hospitals,  leisure centers, educational institutes are always preferred.

– Connectivity 

Bus stops, metro stops or train stations within a brief distance of your new home are guaranteed to add value to any property. And it makes  one’s standard of living more effortless and easier. Moreover, the connectivity  to facilities in close proximity makes a difference for the residents. Choose Sitaara Lifestyle Homes, top property dealers in Kothur, Hyderabad


Real Estate developers in Hyderabad

Trends that homebuyers are seeking for in 2021

Real estate has remained one among the foremost preferred asset classes. A shift in consumer preference has been witnessed special ly during the pandemic including the work from home scenario. Home Buyers became more observant and started making informed decisions on their investments because the pandemic has stressed the importance of owning one’s house . The government’s effort towards affordable housing policies and reduced home equity credit interest rates make it an ideal window for homebuyers to take an advantage of. Homebuyers preference will now get on the lookout for townships on the periphery of larger cities, ready-to-move in (RTM) homes, provision of a school , co-working spaces, and amenities within the property. Here are the trends that homebuyers are seeking for in 2021 !

    1. Prefer RTM homes– The real estate and therefore the construction activities are coming back on target slowly and steadily, however, more investors will prefer homes over under-construction homes to eliminate the biggest risk of project delay.
    2. Avoiding crowded areas- Investing in properties in crowded areas won’t be the well-liked choice among prospective homebuyers
      anymore. The demand for townships on the periphery of urban hubs, offering a way better quality of life are going to be more prevalent. Developers are already offering facilities like grocery stores, laundry, gym, etc. within the complex, which is eliminating the necessity of creating frequent trips to the market.
    3. Study/office space- With work from home (WFH) taking the front seat,
      developers are incorporating a delegated study/ office space in their design plans. This room are going to be an addition to the prevailing 2bhk or 3bhk floor plans. The classroom will specialise in providing good lighting and an
      honest WiFi connection. Multi-use furniture also will leave efficient space allocation.
    4. Preference for eco-friendly properties– Better surroundings offer a better quality of life. With homebuyers that specialize in reducing water and energy
      consumption, the demand for green amenities is on the increase . Developers
      should incorporate solar panels, rainwater harvesting, waste management, etc. into their projects. With people spending majority of their time indoors, providing larger balcony spaces with more greenery would even be beneficial and this is able to in-turn help increase the green areas also .
    5. Co-working Spaces- To require an opportunity from the confined space within their 4 walls, homeowners would really like to figure from different places within the property. Co-Working spaces in areas like the clubhouse will provide homeowners a chance to take care of social distancing also as have an alternate location to figure from.
    6. Need for Automation- To put the homeowner’s mind at ease, automated doors and voice recognition elevators & lights are considered will eliminate the use of touch and will help maintain proper hygiene and sanitation
      standards throughout the property. The residential market is predicted to expand sizably and can still grow within the coming year.

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Real Estate developers in Hyderabad

Indian Real Estate – Emerging Stronger with the new normal

  1. Some of the credible players in India’s real Estate has reinvented itself so as to grasp , plan and implement innovative ways to remain ahead during this pandemic challenge. Strong emphasis on building credibility, financial strength, generating demand and fresh perspective has fueled the expansion of the Indian land sector. Along side the government’s support and meticulous planning, the Indian land sector is about to ascertain an uptake within the coming months. Here is why the Indian Housing Sector continues to emerge stronger as we move ahead: 1. Sustained sales growth signal recovery– Post-June 2020, enquires for residential sales have steadily improved and are rebounding to pre-COVID-19 levels. There has been an increased demand from Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in addition to end users who are the key buyers. The work-from-home culture has made homebuyers who live in rented accommodation realize the importance of getting their own homes. Therefore, the important estate developers are cautiously optimistic about the recovery and hoping the world to be back within the right direction.
  2. Trusted developers preferred by homebuyers: Prospective homebuyers have bestowed their trust in land brands that showcase transparent and ethical dealings. The arrival of RERA is bringing about business transparency also as significantly reducing the amount of consumer complaints across the state . One must not get lured by lucrative deals alone, offered by the developers during these challenging times, instead, they need to assess the pros and cons and choose a more trusted name within the market. The NRI class has also communicated an excellent sense of interest in Indian land with trusted developers across different markets.
  3. Low home equity credit interest rates: The reduction in interest rates has paved the way for prospective homebuyers to take a position in properties of their choice. Certain banks are offering minimum interest rates as low as 6.70%.
  4. The recently announced stimulus package suggests by minister of finance Nirmala Sitharaman will act as a backbone within the revival of the important estate sector. The impetus will provide demand booster for residential land and tax relief to the developers also as homebuyers. Under Section 43CA, Income tax relief will be provided to 20% of the differential between circle rate and agreement value increased from 10% for the period from the date of the announcement to 30th June 2021. This will apply to the primary sale of residential units of value up to Rs 2 crore An additional outlay of Rs 18,000 crore under PM Awaas Yojana (Urban) for FY21 will help within the construction of 12 lakhs houses and completion of 18 lakhs houses. For you dream home,
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